Q&A with Fashion Lecturer: AMANDA PRIHUTOMO


Amanda Prihutomo S.T., M.A. is experienced lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in the fashion industry. Skilled in Fashion Design & Branding, Fashion Editorial and Styling. Strong arts and design professional with a Master of Arts (MA) focused in Fashion Design from Kent Institute of Art and Design.

Q: WHAT  is the word of “fashion” according to you?

A: Fashion for me is a form of art that very close to our everyday life. It’s how we communicate our image to others and translate it into the art of dressing up, the fancy place we dine, the crowd of interest to our ultimate travel destination. All is about Fashion!

Q: WHO is your inspiration in fashion?

A: Mostly the designer that inspired me are in the 20’s, the beginning of modern woman era. From the liberation cocoon silhouette of Paul Poiret to the revolutioner woman dressing by Coco Chanel. I also drawn into genius works of John Galliano, Alexander mcQueen and Yohji Yamamoto.

Q: WHERE did you get your knowledge of fashion beside informal education?

A: Although my experience as Fashion Editor for several international magazines like Cosmopolitan and Elle gave me many insights of the industry, I started my fascination for fashion through my uni day back in 2002. I studied at Kent Institute of Art and Design for my Fashion Master degree in Rochester, England. As student back then, I’ve experience many projects related to fashion like backstage team for London base designer like PREEN and working as assisted designer for ISSA London. My London days of fashion was an experience I value dearly and shaped my design perspective.

Q: WHEN did you decide to become fashion lecturer?

A: After a decade of working in fashion magazine and became professional stylist for local designers and multinational brand like L’oreal Paris and various Unilever brands, I dreamt to have some outlet to share my experience. So when Binus ask me to be a part-time lecturer in 2013,  it led to the beginning of my teaching carrier. 

Q: WHY do you want to be fashion lecturer?

A: Fashion is alway about  “Zeitgeist”, the spirts of generations. By becoming a lecturer, I found out that I’m actually really close to the source of the new waves of fashion. The fashion students always bring the enthusiast and new potential design, so I’m not just sharing my knowledge of fashion to them but also learning new perspective from them. The teaching and learning process becomes an exciting yet humbling experience for me. 

Q: WHOM do you pursue your passion for fashion?

A: Miss Ratna Paramita, HOP of Fashion Design at Binus Northumbria University. When she started to build the School of Fashion, I joined her team as the Deputy HOP. We share the same vision, that good education in Fashion will create a better Fashion Industry in Indonesia. Fashion Design in BNSD received the 1st accredited Fashion BA Degree in Indonesia by DIKTI.  Couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the team that received an A accreditation, in the following 4 years. I always think we set a good start, right?

Q: HOW can you stay inspired?

A: The book “You Can Find Inspiration in Everything” by Paul Smith may be can bluntly explain how I find my daily doze of inspiration everyday. You can try to read it, may be you get inspired too 😉