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Graphic Design

We often believe that graphic designers are problem solvers. They are much more like the Einstein of colours and images; types and illustrations. They analyse visual problems, they synthesise facts and figures, add a dash of creativity and flair to create a solutions that would wow their audience. Graphic designers are creative bunch who explores and experiments and here in Binus Northumbria School of Design, we provide these graphic designers to-be with the chance and facilities for them to ‘play around’ and unleash their inner creativity.



Located in the lively FX Lifestyle Center in Sudirman area, the students are exposed to a vibrant environment for richer experience and to look for inspiration. Inside our school facility, we provide our students with two Multifunction classrooms equipped with the latest technologies to ensure their maximum studying experience, also two Macintosh studios and a Pre-press Lab. And for the students who has achieved their final semester, they are eligible to use our very own Final Project Room for a more focused environment.



We at Binus Northumbria School of Design emphasises the importance of understanding both the local culture of Indonesia as well as the culture of others. One way to experience the culture is to living it. Therefore in Graphic Design, we usually hold these cultural trips for our students. In early 2015, we held a field trip to Lasem, Rembang, in order to better understand the Batik Artisan community and to further learn from them. It was such an enriching experience for our students.

The trail to Mrs. Ramini's batik workshop at Desa Jeruk, Rembang


The students are visiting Mrs. Ramini's batik workshop, KUB Srikandi at Jeruk village, Rembang where the workshop is but a small hut surrounded by lush greens. The graphic design students from Binus Northumbria School of Design, school of Graphic Design and New Media (GDNM) were observing the process of writing batik at Mrs. Ramini's batik workshop, KUB Srikandi, Jeruk Village.



Semester 1
Design and Materials: Introduction to Graphic Design Techniques and Material
Computer Graphic I: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
Drawing I
History of Indonesian Art
Color Theory: Color System in Graphic Design
Semester 2
Western Art Review: History of Art in Western World
Drawing II: Drawing in Context
Photography I: Basic Technique of Photography
Typography I: Basic Principle of Fundamental Typography
Computer Graphic II: Adobe In Design
Visual Communication Design I: Bacis Princeples and Element of Design
Semester 3
Photography II: Photography in Context
Visual Communication Design II: Publication Design
Illustration Design: Digital Illustration
Multimedia I
Typography II: Typography & Image
Semester 4
History of Graphic Design
Multimedia II
Typography III: Typography Design & Application
Systems Thinking and Design Methodology
Audio Visual I
Semester 5
Digital Animation I
Art & Design Entrepreneurial Study
Aesthetics: Studies of the beauty and the beautiful
Audio Visual II
Visual Communication Design IV / Intermediate Graphic Design


Dual Award Pathways

Semester 6 (Dual Award Pathways)
Pre-press and Printing: Production Process for Graphic Design
Digital Animation II
Visual Communication Design V: Collaboration & Professional Association
Semester 7 (Dual Award Pathways)
Internship / Proffesional Practice
Semester 8 (Dual Award Pathways)
Final Project & Report


3+1 Pathways (3 years in Binus, 1 year in partner University)

Semester 6 (3+1 Pathways)
Pre-press and Printing: Production Process for Graphic Design
Digital Animation II
Visual Communication Design V: Collaboration & Professional Association
Internship / Proffesional Practice
Design History Dissertation Research
Semester 7 (3+1 Pathways)
Study at Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK
Semester 8 (3+1 Pathways)
Study at Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK


Elective Classes

Stop Motion Animation
Sequential Art
Design History Dissertation Research


University Classes

Course Name Semester
Academic English I 1
Character Building: Pancasila 1
Freshmen Enrichment Program 1
Academic English II 2
CB: Kewarganegaraan 2
Character Building: Agama 3
CB: Professional Development 4


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