BNSD Showcases Gorontalo’s Natural and Cultural Richness in “Hulontalo: Seruan dari Utara” at Jakarta Fashion Week 2020

BINUS Northumbria School of Design (BNSD) yet again shows its support for local values and heritages, as well as promote Indonesia’s natural richness in this year’s Jakarta Fashion Week. This year, taking inspiration from Gorontalo, the Fashion Program of BNSD presents “Hulontalo: Seruan dari Utara” at Jakarta Fashion Week 2020.

Previously, in order to prepare for Jakarta Fashion Week 2020 and get the students closer to the local heritage, know and understand the cultural products, and appreciate the values, the Fashion Program held a research field trip to Gorontalo on 23-25 April 2019. During this field trip, the students got a precious opportunity to interact with and learn directly from the local artisans, as well as experience the natural beauty of Gorontalo to obtain a deeper understanding and further inspiration for their fashion collections.

Ratna Dewi Paramita, the Head of the Fashion Program at BNSD, said that the name “Hulontalo: Seruan dari Utara” was derived from Hulontalo, the old name of Gorontalo as well as the term for Gorontaloans and the Gorontaloan language, and the shout (seruan) of bravery from the province that is located in the northern part of Celebes island. “Hulontalo: Seruan dari Utara takes inspiration from the brave and independent spirit of Gorontaloan people,” she explained.

Held on 25 October 2019 at the Fashion Tent Jakarta Fashion Week 2020, “Hulontalo: Seruan dari Utara” showcased six fashion brands by twelve selected students. Taking inspiration from Gorontalo’s local crafts like Karawo, the natural beauty, values, and the people’s fighting spirit, each brand presented Gorontalo’s richness in contemporary fashion collections.

The six brands that was presented in this fashion show are:

  • BERONTAK 1942 by Julia Dian Ferdinand and Ian Hugen

BERONTAK 1942 is a collection that is inspired by the history of Gorontalo’s independence and also its values. It represents hard work and spirit to fight for the right of freedom from those who fall upon them.

This whole collection outlines the beauty of a rebellious spirit.

  • KONTINU by Karen Jeshanah and Owen Kumala

The name KONTINU, which means continued, came from the designers’ design philosophy that relies on techniques that result in the duality of graphic lines that are both geometric and organic as well as hard and soft at the same time.

The focus on Gorontalo as the inspiration is translated onto the fabric choices, colorways, silhouettes, and detailing such as solid colors that contrast each other, and structural symmetrical silhouettes and details that reflect the province’s surroundings and animals, such as whale sharks and maleo birds.

  • ULO by Ikyu Esjepe and Joceline Salvia

ULO or Udu’Olo comes from the Gorontalo language which means thankful.

This kidswear collection is greatly inspired by the beautiful nature and rich culture of Gorontalo. This inspiration is represented by the vibrant colors and unique textures.

  • Daha by Azizah Aninda and Janyfer Kwik

Daha is inspired by the story of the movement from the Gorontalo community which shapes the Gorontalo people today. The word “Daha” means protect in Gorontalo language. The silhouette is influenced by garments from the Dutch colonial times, the colors showcase transitions, and the details are inspired by whale sharks and the interior of the first mosque in Gorontalo, Hunto Sultan Amay.

  • VEIN by Nadya Tjong and Ayla Putri

A vein is a channel in the human body that carries energy around the body in many different directions. In the end, it all comes back to the heart and starts its journey again. All living things in Gorontalo are connected with veins that bring them back to the very start. Gorontalo has a very rich history about the people and animals that live there.

The VEIN logo and name represents how their history and beauty runs deep in Gorontalo. The VEIN collection features feminine silhouettes with bold cuttings that are styled elegantly, accompanied by delicate detailed pearls and embroidery.

  • DAILY WEIRD by Maharani Yolanda and Stefani Verlinda

DAILY WEIRD is inspired by the daily wear of the local people in Gorontalo, a layering style, and the fishermen’s clothing.

The motifs reflect the beauty of the scenery and nature of Gorontalo. The collection is whimsical and weird in a good way, playful, and contemporary.

Ratna hopes that the fashion collections that are presented in “Hulontalo: Seruan dari Utara” can remind the young generation of the local cultures, especially the cultural richness of Gorontalo. “I hope that these fashion collections can be appreciated by the public and also remind the young generation of the beauty of the acculturation in Gorontalo,” she concluded.