BNSD Encourages Local Value with “HIKAYAT, Tales of Minang”

BINUS NORTHUMBRIA SCHOOL OF DESIGN (BNSD) aspires to get the internationalization and amplify competitive value, locally and internationally. In Fashion industry, BNSD aims to encourage local value to their Fashion Students. BNSD hopes that its graduates could promote Indonesian culture with their ready to wear collections. By participating in Jakarta Fashion Week 2017, BNSD hopes that its vision could be accomplished.

The theme for the collections is HIKAYAT, Tales of Minang , the twist of heritage and traditions merging Minangkabau culture elements into new form of design without losing its feature. To fulfill that purpose, BNSD held 5 days research trip with students where they developed the understanding about legacy & culture in West Sumatra as well as to have opportunity to have direct interaction with local tenun and embroidery craftsmen.

In April 2016, these students visited some traditional woven craftsmen trained by Cita Tenun Indonesia in Halaban village and embroidery center in Daguang-Daguang village in order to prepare the fabric and garment collection and have real experience with the local craftsmen.  Another inspiration for the design came also from the Bukit Barisan landscape and its beautiful flora surrounding.

This is a pilot project and enriched students’ knowledge in understanding Indonesian culture. The live in project would enhance the quality of teaching and learning process which enables students to create 6 brands from 12 students’ collection from BNSD for Jakarta Fashion Week 2017.

The 6 brands are:

    Email :
    Designer : Paulina Arumsari (08119102709 ), Victoria Budiman ( +62 812 18621442)
  1. AKSU
    Designer: Arintha Vysistha 085966115718), Nadira Suarga (081298886162)
  1. DUARU
    Designer : Melissa Tjugiarto (+6287787031310), Meta Limesa (+62 878-8154-4257)
  1. GAMPA
    Email :
    Designer: Rachel Josefin (08114422777), Debby Ayu Fardila (085790999111)
  1. DNA
    Designer :Faradiva (+62 811-619-711), Nadya Driane (081908254553)
    Designer: Sherlyta Puspa Lestari (+6285775333039), Henna Meirania(+6281294114169)