[ChitChat Session] Meet Our JFW’s Designers: Ikyu Esjepe and Joceline Salvia

Last but not least, a ChitChat Session with Ikyu Esjepe and Joceline Salvia, the designers of ULO!

ULO or Udu’Olo comes from the Gorontalo language which means thankful. This kidswear collection is greatly inspired by the beautiful nature and rich culture of Gorontalo. This inspiration is represented by the vibrant colors and unique textures.

Let’s get to know more about them and their experience in participating at “Hulontalo: Seruan dari Utara” in the Jakarta Fashion Week 2020!

Hello, Ikyu and Joceline. How do you feel about being chosen as designers for JFW?

Joceline: I am very happy because this is my first experience and my first debut, and it feels amazing how we can show our idea in front of people.

Ikyu: At first, I didn’t expect anything during the selection process, and I thought that was not my main goal. I was like if I’m accepted I’ll be very thankful but if I wasn’t selected then It’s ok for me, because all their collections were so good and the competition was pretty strong, so ya, if I’m not accepted then I will not feel so hurt. But I was selected and, yes, this is my first project. I made womenswear at first, but when the selection day came and I did the presentation, Ms. Nina, Ms. Ratna, and Ms. Gege gave the suggestion what if I changed my collection into kids wear? And I also thought that, with my details, it was more suitable for the kids. And also, for Joceline, she is more interested in kids wear design too.

The theme of the show was “Hulontalo: Seruan dari Utara” the theme taken from Gorontalo’s cultures. How’s your experience when conducting the research there?

Ikyu: For me, at first I was like lost and didn’t know what to do, but after I went to Gorontalo, I fell in love with the nature there, it was so beautiful. We went to Saronde Island, we had fun at the beach the whole day, found the big clams, and met the whale shark too. It made me inspired by the nature there. The mountains are still green, and the sky is still very blue. And the whale sharks there are so cute.

Talking about the theme, you guys used the theme with the title “ULO”. That was so cute and cool. How did you guys come up with that concept? Can you tell us where did you get that inspiration from?

Ikyu: For Celine, she was inspired by Gorontalo’s culture but unfortunately there were no Eid al-Adha celebrations when we were there. Eid al-Adha celebration there is different from here, they make a tower that contains food, then they bring the food tower to the mosque, pray, then the food will be given to the citizens there, this tradition is called Walima. So, she was also inspired by that tradition because it has a colorful and cheerful vibe.

The inspiration was actually combined with the Spring Summer 2020 trend and then we matched it. There are cheerfulness and playfulness that still connected with each other, like Celine made the blue color which became green like mine.

Are there any unforgettable experiences when working on the JFW project?

Joceline: It was an interesting experience that maybe we couldn’t feel it again. We also didn’t expect the feedback from people when the show finished. They were so enthusiastic, like they mentioned us on Instagram, our face also shown in the newspaper and TV. We really didn’t expect it.

For the future, is there any project that you guys are currently working on?

Ikyu: I haven’t thought about it yet. Actually, after the show, there were some people who wanted to buy our collection, but we were still haven’t thought about the price and are still confused about how much should we charge for one outfit. Because the materials and the production cost were quite high.

You guys have very admirable achievements, if you are asked, what are your dreams?

Joceline: I want to have my own boutique.

Ikyu: I want to have my own brand, but I’m still confused about whether it will be conceptual collections or mass-market collections.

Are there any messages for the friends out there who have dreams of becoming a designer but they’re still afraid or doubt their dream?

Ikyu: Don’t be afraid to try, just learn it. You must have an intention, and the important thing is to be willing to try. In the fashion industry, some people think that fashion is a piece of cake, but the truth is not at all. Fashion is hard, it goes way more than that, you must have a passion and work hard because the competition in fashion industry is very tight so you have to be willing to fight, you have to be professional and go the extra mile. Show up and do the work.

How’s your experience while studying at BNSD? What was the most memorable?

Ikyu: Because we are in a small class so that the lecturers are more focused on us, they are helpful.

Joceline: Also, we had a field trip to Dior with Mr. Dicky, we learned how to work, and also how do the systems work. Overall, we are happy in BNSD.