[ChitChat Session] Meet Our JFW’s Designers: Nadya Tjong and Ayla Putri

Meet our six amazing Fashion students who were chosen to showcase their fashion collection at “Hulontalo: Seruan dari Utara” in Jakarta Fashion Week 2020 in this special ChitChat Session!

The first two students are Nadya Tjong and Ayla Putri who hit the runaway with their fashion collection, VEIN. A vein is a channel in the human body that carries energy around the body in many different directions. In the end, it all comes back to the heart and starts its journey again. All living things in Gorontalo are connected with veins that bring them back to the very start. Gorontalo has a very rich history of the people and animals that live there.

The VEIN collection features feminine silhouettes with bold cuttings that are styled elegantly, accompanied by delicate detailed pearls and embroidery.

Let’s find out how they got the inspiration for their fashion collection and their journey to become amazing fashion designers!

Hello, Nadya and Ayla. How do you feel for being chosen as designers at JFW?

Ayla: I feel so delighted, I really fought for it.

Nadya: Nice to know that I can make my parents proud.

The theme of the show was “Hulontalo: Seruan dari Utara” the theme taken from Gorontalo’s cultures. How’s your experience when conducting the research there?

Ayla: It was super fine, we had a lot of experiences there. But what made it fun was, we had a chance to learn something new, we met the whale sharks and that was something that we’ve never seen before.

Talking about the theme, you guys used the theme with the title “VEIN”, that was very elegant, how did you guys come up with that concept? And can you tell us where did you get that inspiration from?

Ayla: Before the show, before the final selection, we were individuals, like we had our own collections. For Nadya, her inspiration was from the animals and the people there, what makes Gorontalo, Gorontalo.

For me, I got my inspiration from the Gorontalo’s kingdoms. Yes, like the royalties, they have their own history and I think it’s really inspirational. I also have a feminist side and Gorontalo really impressed me because they praise women and respect them so that’s why I used the theme how the kingdoms in Gorontalo that have so many kingdoms before becoming one. It was all because they married with 1 woman. The Vein itself we adapted from 2 stories that we put it together because what makes the veins of Gorontalo, that’s why our design has the red color, and for our collection that looks like gift wrapping meaning it has the feminist side and the beauty of it.

Is there any project that you guys are currently working on?

Ayla: Yes there is, we have a plan but it still a secret.

You guys have very admirable achievements, if you are asked, what are your dreams?

Nadya: I want to make my own brand or work under a designer that we like.

Ayla: I also want to make my own brand, I feel that if I graduated from fashion, I have to make my own brand.

Are there any messages for the friends out there who have dreams to become a designer but are still afraid or doubt their dream?

Ayla: I think fashion is harder than any other subject, it is not easy.

Nadya: We can’t copy or duplicate, you have to be very creative in order to make it.

Ayla: Fashion is not only learning about materials or drawing but you will learn about marketing in fashion, and business in fashion too. I think you don’t have to worry. At the end, if you have a passion for fashion, you will find your way. You will be taught to be more creative. And you will have a chance to participate at Jakarta Fashion Week, that is one great thing in your lifetime. Don’t be afraid to be sure. Don’t doubt yourself, if you have a passion in that field, just fight for it. If there are people who are trying to bother your desire, just don’t listen to it, close your eyes, and close your ears. And one more thing, time management is very important.

How’s your experience while studying at BNSD? What was the most memorable?

Nadya: We are happy so far.

Ayla: I enjoy it because I know that this what I wanted. So I feel so excited if there’s a project.

Nadya: What I love from BNSD is, its dual awards, and next year I’ll continue my study in London. I want to try living alone and experience things I like, next year I want to continue in London I want to try living alone and have an experience other than living in Jakarta.

Ayla: I love design realization because I always find new things in every project. And in final collections, I always find a new idea and it makes me excited. I feel like this is my story and I have to make it work. The exciting feeling I always feel it when I make my project. And yes, we love it.  By studying here, it helps you to find your personal styles like streetwear or simple elegant, bridal gowns, and if you don’t know your personal style along the way you’ll find it.

The second semester was the time when I discovered myself. There was 1 subject, it was Fashion Design 2 that created and shaped our character. It helps you to find who you are. Every design that we make has the signature mark itself. That’s what makes me happy here. Here, we’re not competing with each other because we have different signatures. And all the students who weren’t selected to show their artwork at JFW, their collections were so cool. We didn’t even compete with each other, we helped each other instead.

We are not competing with Nadya or other students because we each have different signatures, even those who have not been selected, even though all the designs are really cool, but we are competing to compete with each other. Here, we compete fairly.