Educational Creations from Students of BINUS INTERNATIONAL School of Art and Design!

The School of Art and Design at BINUS INTERNATIONAL never stops presenting the students’ best work to enrich Indonesia’s world of fashion.  At the beginning of 2014, the school made a breakthrough with the establishment of BINUS Northumbria Design School.

Now, for the second time, the BINUS INTERNATIONAL School of Art and Design (Fashion program), held a Fashion Students’ Work Exhibition. The event showcased the work of the fifth semester students of Fashion Management, comprising ten brands with each brand represented by two or three students.

The exhibition ran from February 10th to 13th and proved to be quite a draw, with many BINUSIANS flocking to the event. Each booth erected at The Joseph Wibowo Center campus lobby was filled with students. Each brand showed off a unique flag , one of which was the brand Ally Foldy.

The Ally Foldy brand combines the names of the two designers Arum and Livya, who are inspired by easily folded materials. Their designs are representative of  Indonesian youths. Each work of Ally Foldy carries the theme of loving this country. We are accustomed to the Eiffel Tower being used as an icon of France, and these two lovely designers proudly show off portraits of Jakarta in almost all of their designs.

The brand Resurrect, by Aisyah and Hanna, carries the theme reborn, and their designs indicate they are using recycled or reused materials. Both designers aim at taking the fashion lovers on a walk down the memory lane, as they have a love for vintage fashion.

The exhibition clearly showed that these future renowned designers from the School of Art and Design at BINUS INTERNATIONAL not only care about the materials for their clothes, but also wish to spread awareness of the benefits to fashion consumers with their educative designs.

Interested in owning some of these great designs? You can directly contact each young designer.  (KF)