International Education for An International Career

Besides organizing a workshop for the students, BINUS INTERNATIONAL also specially organized an activity for the parents, as they play a very special role in our students’ education. A seminar for parents was designed to answer some questions they had regarding their children’s education. Themed ‘International Education for An International Career’, a part of BINUS INTERNATIONAL Day 2014, the seminar took place on March 2 at the JWC campus.

The speaker at the seminar was Firdaus A. Alamsjah, Ph.D., Executive Dean of BINUS INTERNATIONAL. The seminar featured a presentation of three major programs that are available at this campus. There was also a sharing session with some active students who are now studying abroad, at universities in Australia.

In the short conversation via Skype, the students shared their experience of learning at international universities and about how BINUS INTERNATIONAL prepared them for global competition. “Binus helped me to prepare for an international environment while I was still in Indonesia, so I am confident I can compete with my fellow students here,” said Risky from Sydney.

Besides the sharing session via skype with the active students, the seminar also invited three alumni of BINUS INTERNATIONAL, who are now successfully working for international companies or have become entrepreneurs. They shared their experience of studying at an international campus before going out into the wider world.

The seminar was also attended by the Head of Marketing of Northumbria University, who explained in detail to the parents the cooperation between the two universities. In the seminar, the participants got the chance to ask and get to know more about the programs their children could enroll on. (FG)