UK Minister welcomes Northumbria University’s growing presence in Indonesia

David Willetts MP has welcomed the signing of a new strategic partnership agreement between Northumbria University, Newcastle, and BINUS International in Indonesia that will create the BINUS-Northumbria School of Design (BNSD).

The Minister for Universities and Science visited BINUS International with Professor Andrew Wathey, the Vice-Chancellor of Northumbria University, as part of a mission to Indonesia, Singapore and Australia to promote UK higher education.

Northumbria University and BINUS have worked together since 2008 and today formally sign the first substantial agreement to offer UK university degrees in Indonesia, with the launch of BNSD. The strategic partnership builds on a joint commitment in 2012 to offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and explore further expansion of the relationship over time across both teaching and research. The partnership is firmly rooted in Indonesia’s growing demand for professionals in the creative industries, which contribute more than 6% of Indonesia’s GDP.

Universitas Bina Nusantara University in Jakarta is recognised as one of Indonesia’s leading private universities, with 24,000 students, and ambitious plans to grow this to 41,000 students by 2018. Within it, BINUS International specialises in international higher education programmes delivered entirely in English.

Northumbria is already one of the most active British universities in the region, and is the UK university that teaches the largest number of Indonesian undergraduates in the UK.

Universities and Science Minister David Willetts said: “This is a superb example of international collaboration in higher education delivering both educational and economic benefits. Partnerships like Northumbria and BINUS contribute to UK trade and enhance international commercial, cultural and political relationships, as well as helping emerging economies to benefit from the UK’s educational expertise.”

Professor Andrew Wathey, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of Northumbria University, added: “Our shared vision is to promote outstanding work in design connected to global corporates and global challenges, building on the strengths of both institutions. Both universities have committed to exploring further developments in their teaching and research programme, including links with other disciplines.”

CEO BINA NUSANTARA Ir. Bernard Gunawan, said: “BINUS University has an important role to play in the education space in Indonesia. Together with our strategic partners, we want to build outstanding programmes that prepare our students and graduates to contribute for the country, region, and the world. I truly believe that it is this shared value that continually propels BINUS University and Northumbria University to innovate in creating outstanding learning experiences for its students.

Northumbria is also launching four scholarships to promote reciprocal student mobility with BINUS, which will see students move in both directions between the UK and Indonesia. They will be available to students at any level.


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