Inspired by Museum’s Structure, Avridya earned Second Place at Indonesia Fashion Design Competition 2015

Early this year, fashion in Indonesia gained a spotlight due to Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) 2015. As one of the biggest fashion shows in Indonesia, IFW gained a quite significant attention both from local and international fashion lovers.

In addition to having a fashion show, bazaar, and talk shows, IFW 2015 also held a Fashion Design Competition to encourage young and potential designers to show their works of fashion.

Out of 350 contestants, only 10 of them were qualified to compete to be the best in the competition that is sponsored by a wall paint company, Dulux. One name that gained attention at this year’s competition is Avridya Keumala, which came out as the runner up of the competition.

An alumnus of BINUS NORTHUMBRIA SCHOOL OF DESIGN (BNSD), Avridya came out as the runner up after her work with the theme of “Constr(e)ct” was praised by the judges at the competition.

“We had a bit of problem in choosing the best. Out of the 600 contestants, 300 sent along their portfolios. Then, from 300 became 30 then it finally became the top 10,” said Taruna K. Kusmayadi., Chief Judge of IFW 2015.

At this year’s competition, the organizer applies a theme that suits with Dulux’s Color of the year 2015, which uses “Copper Orange” as its theme color.

Uses Museum as its Theme in Fashion

Avridya Keumala whose name gained fame at Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 through her best works uses the theme “Constru(e)ct” at this year’s IFDC. “Constru(e)ct” itself is a concept introduced by Avridya based on museums that are exist in Indonesia. She admitted that at this year’s competition she was inspired by the structure of Fatahillah Museum in Central Jakarta.

“I think that the structure of Fatahillah Museum really represents the structure of museums in general. Moreover, the building is quite unique and iconic. The Fatahillah Museum is Jakarta’s icon. Not to mention the high historical values of the museum. The building was once used as the country’s center of administration,” said Avridya.

Not only that, Avridya hopes that by using this concept it will improve the youth’s concern of Indonesia’s history. She admitted that she got the idea due to her friends that recently have been visiting museums.

“The moment is just right. Many of my friends have been visiting museums these days. It’s the right time to generate the youth’s concern of our country’s history,” added Avridya.

For the competition, Avridya combined her concept with fashion design techniques that she mastered. The techniques and materials that she used were considered unique that it gained a lot of attention. These were foaming, grafir, neoprene and also skin techniques. For the latter, Avridya admitted that she learned it during her time studying at BNSD.

With her skills, Avridya could finish her works in only three weeks. It is quite fast for a fashion piece that used many techniques and rare material.

Apparently the biggest challenge that Avridya had during the working process of the fashion piece was in managing the people that were aiding her in finishing the piece. Although she didn’t recruit too many people in her team, yet Avridya felt that managerial skill was important in running a team.

“I have to be able to organize my team’s working time. With not much time left, it took a special skill to unite my team members that are helping me,” said Avridya.

Her hard work proved to be successful. As a runner up, she earned rewards from the organizers such as prize money and a chance to compete in major fashion events in both local and international.

Yet, out of all the rewards she gained, Avridya admitted she was really excited when she got the chance to study for ten months at Koefia Academy, the famous and the oldest fashion school in Rome, Italy.

“When I found out that there would be a scholarship at Koefia as one of the rewards, I was so excited to join the competition and to win it. Alhamdulillah, I was able to get the scholarship,” closed Avridya.

For now, Avridya will concentrate to continue her study at Koefia. Other than that, she is also preparing to join few fashion events that will be held next year.

Congratulations Avridya Keumala!