BINUS INTERNATIONAL Student Committee 2015

Campaign flyers, one by one, were cleared from the walls of the Joseph Wibowo Centre. The cheers of the supporters were no longer heard. The hustle and bustle of the candidates’ campaign teams had been hushed, looking forward to the new era of leadership.

At the beginning of 2015, BINUS INTERNATIONAL Student Committee (BISC), known as Stucomm, came under control of Deblin Tanudjajda Winata and Michael Ferikson as the new president and vice president. Deblin and Michael were elected through direct votes by more than half of the population of the students in a tight competition with Yoshua Sihombing and Pamela Abigail.

Under the leadership of Deblin and Michael, the organization endeavors to be the spearhead of student’s aspirations and their activities. As a student council, they have an opportunity to establish communications with university stakeholders. Therefore, it is the main task of the council to organize all of the activities held by students.

With the slogan “Engaging Binusians, Empowering the Community”, Stucomm tries to aggregate the need of all students. To realize that notion, at least three things are in consideration under the Deblin/Michael leadership. Full integration of divisions to improve Stucomm’s working performance; establishing cooperation with other colleges in order to broaden the opportunity of future cooperation and study visits; as well as consolidating a good image for Stucomm internally and externally are their main concerns.

Regeneration to Realize Future Visions

Pamela Abigail, despite losing as vice-president, now acts as Secretary and Nathasya Tjidjasa as Treasurer.

Public Relations, Student Activity, and Development are three divisions that act as the backbone of the council. Public Relations is divided into two sub-divisions, external and internal, which are led by Edbert Himawan and Yoshua Sihombing. Student Activity is also divided into two sub-divisions, the division of Academics and Knowledge and the division of Art and Sport, which are being coordinated by Kirana Aisha and Leo Sitanggang respectively. Last, but not least, Research and Development acts as the think tank of the council, led by Sharon Bella.

Under their leadership, Inka Ichsan, Nadira Alifa Mandala, Derian Felix, Kenny Durgani, Iman Nurachman Fadjar, Caesar Prayogo Adyatma, Jenisha Shroff, and Sandy Caesar act as student representatives.


BINUS INTERNATIONAL Student Committee 2015
BINUS INTERNATIONAL Student Committee 2015


Deblin Tanudjaja, Stucomm’s 2015 president, states that the organization that he leads has a greater role, more than an event organizer of university activities. Deblin emphasized the role of delegation and maintaining channels of communication. Aware that the positions that they hold are temporary, and that the vision to be realized is long-term, all of the outgoing members of the council helped maintain consistency by training the incoming members. All ranks are being encouraged to carry out the projects that have been in the pipeline. In addition, the current members have taken heed of the need to recruit fresh members through open recruitment, and through a suggestion box they hope to attract future members.

“Regeneration is important for the sustainability of this organization. It is the duty of all council members to maintain the fluidity of the organization. Therefore, members’ training is our top priority,” said Michael.

Together We Will Make Our Vision into a Reality

“Student Committee 2015 serves as a consistent proactive organization within BI management to facilitate and engage BINUSIANS in student activities support and represent BINUSIANS both within management and externally for the betterment of students’ welfare”. This is the Stucomm vision.

“Stucomm has a great role. Not only as the organizer of university events, but we have to carry out the role as the funnel of aspiration as well as the bridge between students and BI management. For that, we have to carry out our role as seriously and as well as possible. Together we will make our vision into a reality,” asserted Deblin.

Stucomm 2015 is striving to give the best contribution to all of the university stakeholders, Bridging the students with the university lecturers, head of departments, management, and dean is part of their vision. To realize that, Deblin and Michael announced improvements of cooperation between Stucomm’s internal divisions.


From Us, By Us, To Us

To achieve the approved purpose, Stucomm hopes for full support from all strata of JWC, especially from all students. All well-prepared strategy is useless if there is no support from the people of JWC campus. However, all of the council members understood that support from the people of JWC is not to be taken for granted.

Direct approaches to all of the strata in campus have become the top priority of all of the Stucomm members to gain support. “It is not only through formal approaches, but we are also conducting direct approaches to all of the strata in BI, especially to fellow students. Because, we, the members of Stucomm, are their representatives. What we do is all from us, by us, and to us, fellow students of BI,” said Michael.