Fashion Management Students of BNSD Pick Up Industry Details in Site Visit

The learning process in BINUS INTERNATIONAL is multi-faceted, reflecting international education trends. Rather than teaching in lectures only, students are exposed to seminars and talks, exchange programs, immersion programs and site visits. Learning from experienced people who are working in industry is considered one of the most effective ways to gain knowledge. BINUS NORTHUMBRIA School of Design (BNSD) made a site visit to PT Asmara, in Bogor, on April 13. Asmara is an exporter and a buying agent which owns about 30 brands in the fashion industry.

Thirty students, joined the site visit to gain experience, and they were divided into 6 groups representing each research object: promotion, marketing, store layout, café layout, product, and collection. “By conducting this research, hopefully BNSD could help improve the management work of Asmara,” said Julita Oesanty Oetojo, Dipl. Des (FH). She also wanted to give direct experience to the students so that they could get a taste of their future work.

Besides having a company tour of Asmara – observing all the working processes – the students also visited ‘Livingroom’, the Asmara store. There the students could see the final product, the collection, and the layout of the store, effectively allowing the students to see fashion management from the beginning to the end. (LN)