Probably the name of BINUS Media & Publishing (BMP) sounds unfamiliar for BINUSIAN. Like its name, BMP has a role to manage intellectual property of BINUSIAN.

Through BMP, BINUSIAN could create scientific work or literature ? verbally or visually and publish it. BMP facilitates the process of book publishing, from the beginning to the end ? the design, layout, printing, publication, distribution and sales. For the sales, BMP has expanded its coverage to public. People now could purchase BMP-published books via internet at and

BMP has published seven books written by BINUSIAN. They are:

  1. Encapsulation In University: Manajemen Teknologi Informasi dan Pengetahuan di Perguruan Tinggi. By: Prof. Dr. Ir. Harjanto Prabowo
  2. Sintaksis Jepang. By: Prof. Dr. Sheddy N. Tjandra, M.A
  3. Riset Dan Pengembangan Produk Baru: Konsep dan Metode Praktis untuk Industri Pangan. Karya. By: Dr. Ir. Ingrid S. Surono, MSc; Priyo Waspodo Ir., MSc.; Prof. Ir. Bahtiar S. Abbas, MSc., PhD
  4. Komunikasi Politik: Suatu Pendekatan Praktis. By: Muhammad Aras, MSi
  5. Karakter Unyu Nganimasi. By: Bambang Gunawan Santoso
  6. Bahaya & Risiko Pada Produk Pangan. By: Dr. Ir. Ingrid S. Surono, MSc; Priyo Waspodo Ir., MSc
  7. Ku Tak Ingin Tapi Harus. By: Teach for Indonesia & Lateevhaq

The books above are available at and The cooperation between BMP and those two online shops is the start to make BINUSIAN?s works more popular and easier to get by people. As well as at online shops, BMP also will sell the books at book stores all around Indonesia.

With the convenience provided by BMP, BINUSIAN do not need to worry about book publishing process, only to focus in writing books. By this, hopefully BINUSIAN could be encouraged to create writing. (IV)