Learning to Arrange a Fashion Management System With BINUS – Northumbria School of Design

The domestic fashion industry is going through a rapid progress. As the country’s fashion industry develops, many people become increasingly attracted to learning about this domain. Many of Indonesian designers’ works have attracted people from around the world and most of the works have become the favourite in the international market. Responding to the industry’s growth, the education industry would not lose the opportunity to participate in the developing fashion industry of Indonesia.

BINUS Northumbria School of Design have come to Indonesia in a mission to meet the public’s needs for fashion education. The education programmes were resulted from a collaboration between BINUS UNIVERSITY and Northumbria University Newcastle, together they have provided the best education for the people of Indonesia within the fashion domain. Three programmes are offered related to Indonesia’s fashion industry, namely fashion design, fashion management, and graphic and new media. Fashion Management programme entails the study of a number of areas focused upon fashion branding, promotion, as well as fashion business management.

Aside from being proficient in fashion production, a fashion managemer must also be able to market and organize a management system for her or his products. BINUS Northumbria School of Design (BNSD) train students to, not only succeed in the academic qualification, but also develop creative ideas and progressive innovations in fashion making, especially the area of fashion management. (JR)