Two Essential Keys in Setting Up a Start-Up in the Fashion Industry

Fashion industry is going through a significant growth. This is reflected in the mushrooming local fashion brands, fashion shows, as well as fashion design school. The industry’s growth draws to a stiffer competition between brands. So, what are the startups to have and to prepare in fashion industry, especially to deal with the competition?

“Consistency, especially which is related to improvement in every function, must be practised. Consistency is the first thing to have, for every startup to be able to compete in fashion industry and keep its brand ‘alive’,” stated Nina Nikicio, owner of local fashion brand “Nikicio”, in the “How to Establish a New Business in Fashion Industry” talkshow, during the series of BINUS Arvolution 2015 event, Friday (4/12), for which Nikicio was one of the speakers.

Rinda Salmun, another speaker for the talkshow, said that apart from consistency, building strong brand characters is necessary. “Brand character is like the search of the true self. Who you are as a designer, what are your purposes. A strong brand character will help you set up good business,” revealed Rinda who graduated with a Master’s Degree in Fashion from Ravensbourne College, London.

Harmonious work relationship with differing stakeholders makes an essential factor too in setting up a startup. To establish a good work relationship, Rinda said that a solid team and a good communicating competence are valuable assests. “Once we have both, then we may establish a good relationship with external stakeholders,” concluded Rinda who targets her products at consumers that appreciate art.

Nina Nikicio shares her experience to build her own fashion brand Nikicio at Fashion Industry Talkshow with Theme “How to Establish a New Business in Fashion Industry”, during the series of BINUS Arvolution 2015 event, Friday (4/12).