Port o’ Folio, BNSD Students Exhibition Gala for the Industry


FX Mall – Graphic Design and Interactive Digital Media Design (IDMD) Program Binus Northumbria School of Design in partnership with Student Alumni Global Employability (SAGE) Binus International held an event called Port o’ Folio 2016. This event was an opportunity for GDNM students to exhibit their final assignments. The event was held on 27 – 28 June at BNSD Campus, 6th floor of FX Mall. The closing day was marked by the establishment of GDNM BNSD alumni association which started with alumni sharing session.

“The event is an exhibition of art work from Graphic Design and Interactive Digital students. This is the second year of Port o’ Folio partnership with Binus Northumbria School of Design after its establishment in 2014. We’ve had similar events in the past with Binus International. The current Port o’ Folio is also special due to the establishment of alumni association in partnership with SAGE, started with alumni sharing session,” Head of Graphic Design Binus Northumbria School of Design Novi Dila Kana explained during the event.

The event invited 38 students from Graphic Design and IDMD Program to exhibit their works in front of several industries representatives, such as Indonesian Graphic Designer Association (Asosiasi Desain Grafis Indonesia), Thinking Room, and Design Lab. Nina stated that the purpose of the event is to develop the student’s character so they can adapt with exhibition’s situation and connect directly with experts from the industry. Apart from showcasing their works, the students also hand out their creative CVs and name cards so the guests can contact them directly.

One of Graphic Design BNSD alumni, Wilson Ariyaduta said that this event is a great opportunity to support students in promoting their works. “It’s good to promote the students because then they can be easily recruited by design companies,” said Wilson, who also spoke during the alumni sharing session. The alumni sharing session also invited Gema Satria from LeBoYe Design, the Owner and Art Director of Gourmet Gift Dianka Adrianita, and the founder of Bouwen Creative Vendy Satria. They shared their experiences along with tips and tricks to be competitive in creative industry. Basically, they urge students to explore all the possibilities to create something so they can eventually figure out their own style and their authentic character which is the the key factor to compete within the industry.