Introducing a Global Experience at International Youthphoria 2017

BINUS INTERNATIONAL and BINUS Northumbria School of Design (BNSD) held the International Youthphoria 2017 on Saturday, 9 September 2017, at the BINUS JWC Campus. This full-day event was attended by hundreds of students from several high schools in Jakarta and surrounding areas.

International Youthphoria is an annual event held by BINUS INTERNATIONAL and BNSD, conducted to socialize and introduce global experiences to the young generation. A lot of fun and challenging activities were held during this year’s event, such as trial classes, a mural design competition, a fashion show, a beauty class, live music performances, a sharing session, a social media competition, and a magic performance. Josh the Magician, AMOXSA, Tina Toon, and Haykal Kamil were also invited to be guest stars.

In the trial classes, the students got an opportunity to experience a learning atmosphere, as well as were challenged to do some mini projects, according to the program they chose. For example, in the Fashion Class, they were challenged to create their own fashion designs. Meanwhile, in the Business Management & Marketing and Communication Class, the students could learn to create a business as well as market and communicate their ideas.

Tina Toon and Haykal Kamil, who are also alumni from BINUS INTERNATIONAL, shared their experiences when studying at BINUS. Haykal said that at BINUS INTERNATIONAL, he was encouraged to use English in his daily life. He admitted that because of that, he can now speak English more fluently and confidently as a part of the global community.

Meanwhile, Tina explained that BINUS INTERNATIONAL also taught her to create her own business. “At BINUS INTERNATIONAL, we were taught and encouraged to be entrepreneurs,” she said.

The alumni sharing session was followed with a fashion show, a mural design competition, and a magic performance by Josh the Magician. The International Youthphoria 2017 then was closed with announcing the winner of the mural design competition and music performance.