Photo Gallery: BINUS Northumbria School of Design Presents “Whispers of Wakatobi” in Jakarta Fashion Week 2018

The BINUS Northumbria School of Design (BNSD) showcased six brands by twelve of its students in the Jakarta Fashion Week 2018. Coinciding with the tenth Jakarta Fashion Week, through this event, the students were expected to be able to promote Indonesia’s cultural heritage through their ready-to-wear fashion collection in this world-class prestigious event.

The theme of this year’s fashion collection is “Whispers of Wakatobi”. Presented on Wednesday, 25 October 2017, at the Fashion Tent, the Jakarta Fashion Week 2018 “Whispers of Wakatobi” is a fusion of cultural heritage and the natural beauty of Wakatobi Islands in Southeast Celebes. To be able to create such a fashion collection, BNSD’s Fashion students conducted some research to develop their knowledge about the culture and the beauty of Wakatobi.

The six brands that were presented in the “Whispers of Wakatobi” were:

  1. Ako by Aliya Dhiachandra and Haedi Giovani
  2. Alamu by Anastasia Hartanto and Audrey Jane Tantono
  3. Ethos by Henisya Putri Alya Patra and Nelly Tan
  4. Juxtapōz by Jesslyn and Clara Pranata
  5. Kanda by Raphaela Natasha and Adisza Putri Kahanasti
  6. NATUWA by Winny Dwijaya and Naomi Sutono