Book Review: Ogilvy on Advertising

Hey guys, just want to share a recommendation of a good book!

Author : David Ogilvy
Publisher : Prion Books, London
Year of Publication : 2011 (first edition in 1983)
ISBN : 978-1-85375-615-3

I hate rules

The book is opened by that one simple statement from David Ogilvy himself. He insisted that he imposes no rules in creating an advertising; results of research is the emphasis, a factor much more determining, and much more fluid -sometimes defying our own speculation even- than a set of constricting rules. In the book, David Ogilvy offered to its readers, various advice for those who are working and who wants to work in the advertising industry. Who are involved, and what types of work they do, who are the clients and how you win their heart. These topics are all presented through various case studies from notable advertising corporations and distinguished individuals in the industry as the author himself interacts with the reader throughout the book by means of throwing questions, cautions, and anecdotes. To take one example from the book, David Ogilvy expressed that contrary to popular belief, the use of sex will not always work in advertisements; the key is to be mindful of how much relevant is the use of sex in that particular advertisement itself. The book provides many insights not only for those who are involved in the advertising industry, but to many individuals who crave to challenge their mind and reflect on various aspects in creating an ad that works, that is, an ad that sells its products, and sells its products well.



Book review by: Michelle Elise Lapian