BNSD Presents Exquisite Fashion Creations at Equilibre

The Fashion Program from the BNSD Northumbria School of Design (BNSD) participated in an activity titled “Equilibre” on Tuesday, 19 February 2019, at the Royal Jakarta Golf Club, Halim Perdanakusuma, East Jakarta. Equilibre was held by the PT Lucky Textile Group in cooperation with Phangsanny, a well-known and reputable bridal designer.

Equlibre was an exhibition of the latest artwork for Lucky Trend and Lullaby. Through Equilibre, BNSD provided opportunities for fashion students to design looks according to the Equilibre theme.

The fabric used was from products of the Lucky Textile Group, including digital print fabric that will be produced in the future by Lucky Textile Group. Students were given the freedom to make their own works as long as they were in accordance with the Equilibre theme which means to unite with nature.

Katarina Laurensia & Sintia Agustine; Anya Annastasya, Nadya Driane, & Victoria Budiman; and also Veronica Ria Siahaan, Ahlisia Azza Amira Arintha Vysistha, & Nadira Alisha Suarga were the designer groups from BNSD who presented their works.

The following is a profile of several themes that were displayed:

1. Real Eyes

The Real Eyes collection was inspired by the relationship between the universe and human life. With a touch of abstract art, this collection tells the story of humans who rely on the universe and also create harmonious relationships.

Taking slightly bolder colors inspired by the sun, sea, flowers, earth, and humans, each is translated into abstract strokes that make up the printed design.
The collection offers a relaxed atmosphere that comes in the form of a kimono and flowing silhouette. Colorful, youthful, and modern are the keywords of the collection of Real Eye.

2. Prevailing Harvesters

What can be said when you see something great like nature? One thing that we can be sure of is the nature always wins.  This applies to every creature that is in its arms, and we humans are harvesters of its fruits.

Inspired by this year’s Lucky Print concept, this relationship with nature is one of the most important ones for human survival.

Beautifully illustrated, these “yields” embrace consumers with clothing, like nature. With this collection, we harvesters are wrapped in illustrations of flowers and greenery on earth. It reminds us of how abundant nature really is.

3. Anya Annastasya

The inspiration for the mini collection is the harmony of nature where we can enhance its beauty. Together with flora and fauna in nature, it was inspired by Japanese culture, Shinto, a traditional belief in Japan, where the essence of that belief is the respect for nature through taking modern and casual kimonos as the main silhouette.

Almira Firmansyah, one of the lecturers in BNSD’s Fashion program, said that the collaboration between the fashion schools and textile industries related to the fashion industry could bridge the needs of students as future designers.”With the raw material industry, students also directly learn about the process of making textile raw materials for fashion needs, so that they can better understand the material or fabric as a basic right in making fashion products,” she said.