In facing this current Industrial Revolution 4.0 era – where everything has become more and more digital – the need for experts in digital technology, especially in developing mobile apps, has become larger. The impact of this global phenomenon is also found in fast-growing countries like Indonesia.

However, despite the massive needs in the industry, Indonesia is still lacking mobile app developers. This is a challenge and also an opportunity for Indonesian young people.

To answer these needs, BINUS INTERNATIONAL offers a perfect opportunity for students to become world-class mobile apps developers through the Apple Developer Academy @BINUS. Apple Developer Academy @BINUS is a collaboration between Apple and BINUS UNIVERSITY, one of the leading educational institutions in technology. Apple Developer Academy @BINUS aims to challenge and inspire the students through various approaches in teaching and learning. Daily classes that are conducted by expert instructors provide the students with skills and experience to put their ideas into applications.

Here, at the academy, the students do not only learn about coding and creating apps. Here, they are also enriched with soft skills as well as the business and design aspects through learning and interacting with participants from various fields.

Steven Muliamin, a student from the Computer Science program of BINUS INTERNATIONAL, said that the opportunity to learn about how to become a world-class mobile app developer directly from Apple is what motivated him to join the academy. “Not many programs teach iOS, and Indonesia is currently lacking iOS developers. Therefore, Apple Developer Academy @BINUS is a perfect chance for me,” he explained.

The first batch students of the Apple Developer Academy @BINUS started their program in March 2018, and after one year, they are now graduating and are ready to face the challenges in the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The Apple Developer Academy @BINUS’ Graduation Week was held from Tuesday-Thursday, 12-15 March 2019, at the Green Office Park, BSD, Tangerang.

Although they have already graduated from the Academy, the journey doesn’t stop here for the students like Steven. “After graduating from the Academy, I want to become a significant professional iOS developer who can help many communities in Indonesia,” he said.