BINUS INTERNATIONAL always provides opportunities for students to be able to enrich students’ skills not only in academics but also in their ability to socialize and organize. One of them is through the BINUS program – the Apple Developer Academy Program @BINUS – which is a collaboration program between BINUS UNIVERSITY and Apple that was created with the aim of encouraging and inspiring students through a variety of approaches in real learning and teaching.

Six students of BINUS INTERNATIONAL from Computer Science had the opportunity to take part in the Apple Developer Academy @BINUS activity which began in March 2018. Not only learning about how to make a program, but this activity also taught participants how to organize, communicate, discuss and obtain solutions for many technical problems. The program created at the Apple Developer Academy @BINUS is made as real as possible in the industry.

Ferlix Wang, one of the participants of the Apple Developer Program @BINUS said that at the academy, the students are not just learning about coding and how to make applications. But it is also enriched with aspects of business and design through learning and interaction with participants from various departments and fields of expertise so that they can hone their skills in interacting with others in an organization.

Similar to what Lufandri said that problem solving is what he learned at the Apple Developer Academy @BINUS, he explained that while in this academy, he was encouraged to solve problems that occurred in the community. To overcome these problems he and his group conducted in-depth and systematic research and then created an application to solve them. Lufandri hopes that in the future, he can contribute more to the community as a professional iOS developer, a profession that Indonesia still lacks.

Raymond Kosala, as Dean of Computing and Media, said that Apple Developer Academy @BINUS’ activities, besides aiming to hone students abilities in academic programs, can also hone students abilities in developing the “soft skills” they have, because in the workplace and business they will enter after graduating from the campus world, the ability in soft skills is also absolutely necessary.