The demand for mobile app developers in Indonesia is high but the supply is still lacking. So, the opportunity to become a developer is wide open. Therefore, BINUS INTERNATIONAL through the 3+1 program, which is 3 years of study in class plus a year internship, gives students the opportunity to become a world-class app developer through the Apple Developer Academy @BINUS program.

Apple Developer Academy @BINUS is a collaboration between Apple—one of the most cutting edge technology companies in the world—with BINUS University, where this is the first developer academy built by Apple in Southeast Asia. The aim is to inspire and train the next generation to be mobile app developers using the world’s most advanced mobile operating system.

The six students of the BINUS INTERNATIONAL Computer Science program: Ferlix Yanto Wang, Cason, Steven Muliamin, Lufandri, Kensen, Giorgio Fasolini; were selected to be part of 165 participants for Batch 1 which were selected from various universities in Indonesia. During their training program for a year starting in March 2018, they had to adapt to new friends as well as new insights and knowledge. They were challenged to develop themselves through multi-discipline teaching and learning. Daily classes led by Apple-trained instructors who are experts, provided the students with the skills and experiences to realize their app ideas and bring them to market on the App Store.

Towards their graduation week from Apple Development Academy after a year of training which is held on 12-15 March 2019, Steven, Lufendri, Cason, Kensen, Ferlix dan Giorgino admit they are more confident in pursuing their dream in becoming the future mobile app developers for Indonesia. “I want to become a professional and impactful iOS developer, who can bring advantages for societies in Indonesia,” Steven said. “Moreover, the profession of iOS developer in Indonesia is still lacking,” Lufandri added.