ALUMNI STORIES: Nabila and Cynthia (HANYUTAN at Paris Fashion Week 2020)

Expressing ideas and personal expressions can be done through various means and media, such as writings, paintings, music, and of course, fashion collections. Two Fashion Management alumnae from BINUS Northumbria School of Design (BNSD), Cynthia Halim and Nabila Kaulika, try to convey their ideas of peace and freedom of expression via their fashion brand, HANYUTAN. Last year, Cynthia and Nabila got an opportunity to showcase their collections and spread their ideas to an international audience in Paris Fashion Week 2020.

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HANYUTAN: The Voice of Idea of Peace and Freedom of Expression in a Fabric Form

HANYUTAN by Cynthia Halim and Nabila Kaulika is a brand inspired by the human ego that has the ability to create a clash between cultures. HANYUTAN comes from the word ‘hanyut’. The word itself has several meanings, one of which is: ‘terbawa oleh arus’ (carried by a stream). The stream of the human ego is sometimes so powerful that it is able to create a wave of hatred shattering everything around it.

The aim of this collection is to promote the idea of peace and the freedom of expression through the influence of punk culture. The purpose is to show that we can inherit and adapt both cultures without war, violence, or discrimination.

Moreover, Cynthia explained, HANYUTAN also wants to highlight and retell the story of Indonesian traditional culture and fabrics which are slowly being forgotten, even swallowed by the stream and vanishing.

The Resolutions and Plans for the Future

The opportunity to participate on an international stage like Paris Fashion Week is a tremendous achievement that takes hard work, tenacity, creativity, and innovation. Cynthia herself admitted that this is a dream come true for her and Nabila. “I’m surprised, proud, feeling disbelief, and extremely happy for this opportunity. To be able to showcase our very first ready-to-wear collection in Paris Fashion Week definitely is a great achievement,” Cynthia said.

However, the two talented designers aim to take HANYUTAN and themselves multiple steps further. For them, this achievement is not a finish line, but a crucial stepping stone for their future.

Two fashion collections from HANYUTAN, RTW Collection and SAKA 1335, have already entered the production process. Cynthia said that those two collections will be ready to enter the market in the near future.

Furthermore, although Cynthia and Nabila want to keep developing HANYUTAN, they also want to expand and develop other creations and projects.

In the end, Cynthia said that an accomplishment like theirs is not something that can’t be achieved by others. With perseverance and hard work, it is definitely attainable. “Be yourself. Don’t give up and keep going because your hard work definitely will pay off,” she concluded.


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