This dual award program includes management and creative skills to develop creative expertise for the fashion industry, and business knowledge for running it. Students are groomed to become qualified, professional experts in the fashion industry with knowledge in promotion, branding, visual communication skills and product development.

The internship program, field trips and real projects within the industry are practical, industrial, hands-on and eye-opening experiences. These programs develop students’ abilities to function professionally and learn ethical and organizational responsibilities.

Aside from providing students with work experience, the industrial internship program teaches them to cope with work demands and pressures. This can help and support individual career aspirations and provide social and professional networks.


Career Outlook
Focusing on acquiring knowledge of fashion business strategy and promotion, today’s graduates can engage in creative product development and in business management skills. These graduates are ready to work in retail industries; in fashion trends forecasting consultancies; in trends research companies; as well as in the media, advertising and public relations companies.