The Graphic Design and New Media Program offers a variety of oppor tunities in the creative industries. It is for any student who wants to enhance their creativity and knowledge in challenging the competition of professional designers and the global creative industry.

The four-year study program offers dual award, dedicates the first year building a solid foundation, and the remaining three years for enhancing students’ skills in creative product development. In this program, the students learn how to integrate technical skills, theoretical knowledge and imagination in art and design to meet industry standards.

Career Outlook
Graduates will be able to pursue attractive career possibilities worldwide at graphic design houses, creative houses, art galleries, brand development consultancies, corporate communication consultancies, as well as becoming entrepreneurs and freelancers.

  1. I want to know : 1. what's the different between program GRAPHIC DESIGN & NEW MEDIA with INTERACTIVE DIGITAL MEDIA DESIGN 2. course module per semester. 3. softwares to be used 4. if I take the 3+1, what degree certification I would get? Thank you