BINUS Northumbria School of Design Participated in Fashion Nation Senayan City

BINUS Northumbria School of Design (BNSD) participated in Fashion Nation 2017 organized by Senayan City Mall, on Tuesday-Thursday, 11-13 April 2017. BNSD represented the best works of their student themed “HIKAYAT, The Tales of Minang” at runway Fashion Nation Senayan City. Through this event, it was expected that the student of BNSD could promote Indonesian culture through their “ready-to-wear” collection into prestigious event to the world level.

The theme “HIKAYAT, Tales of Minang” was a fusion between heritage and tradition combined with elements of Minangkabau culture into a new form of design without losing its character. To achieve its goal, BNSD organized a research trip for five days with the studens where they could expand their comprehension about West Sumatra’s heritage and also had opportunity to interacted with local weaving and embroidery artisans.

While doing a research in Sumatra Barat, the students visited several local craftsmen woven trained by Cita Tenun Indonesia at Halaban Village and embroidery craft center at Daguang-daguang Village in order to prepare the fabric and fashion collection, also to feel the experience of interact directly with local artisan. Beside that, the inspiration for the design also came from Bukit Barisan landscape and various of beautiful flower that grows around.

The real experience that the student get on this project increased their learning process quality so that can make the student capable of create 20 fashion collection to be displayed in Fashion Nation 2017.

As the opening of the “HIKAYAT, The Tales of Minang” runway, BNSD also presented a talk show on the topic “How to Run a Fashion Business” by Danjyo Hiyoji.

“The existence of fashion bloggers and influencers can increase the brand awareness of a brand and can be a symbiotic mutualism between a brand and influencers,” said Dana Maulana, the founder of Danjyo Hiyoji