3,662 New Graduates from BINUS UNIVERSITY Ready to Advance the Nation

BINUS UNIVERSITY held its 57th graduation ceremony on Wednesday, December 6, 2017, at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta. The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Research and Technology of Higher Education, the Kopertis III Coordinator of DKI Jakarta, the CEO of BINUS Group and Chairperson of BINA NUSANTARA Foundation, the academic community, representatives of the government and industries, and parents.

The 57th graduation had 3,662 graduates, consisting of 6 Doctorate Degree graduates, 239 Master’s Degree graduates, 3,097 Regular Undergraduate Degree graduates, 205 International Undergraduate Degree graduates, 110 4-year Associate Degree graduates, and 5 3-year Associate Degree Graduates. The number of graduates adds to the BINUSIAN Alumni Community, which now has 102,980 alumni.

The 57th graduation had 25 graduates with the title of Summa Cum Laude, with a GPA of more than 3.90, and 3 people who were presented with the BINUSIAN Award of Excellence for achieving a perfect GPA (4.00).

With world class education and experience oriented to employability and entrepreneurship, BINUS UNIVERSITY has great hope in this 57th graduation, so that the graduates can contribute and work in society, as well as become future leaders who are able to encourage and make changes in society to advance the nation, state, and world.

“Continue to learn, understand knowledge, and develop your abilities to keep motivated in striving to achieve your goals,” said Prof. Dr. Ir. Harjanto Prabowo, MM., the Rector of BINUS UNIVERSITY, in his speech during the graduation ceremony.