BINUS Northumbria School of Design: Road to Paris Fashion Week 2022

BINUS Northumbria goes to Paris Fashion Week 2022!

We will be presenting two masterpieces by our students: Kanagara Amerta (by Amadea Calista, Elandra Putri, and Melvina Jocinta) and Cahya (by Shafa Praditya, Chanreaksmey Loy, and Jennifer).

Kanagara Amerta portrays the feelings that arose from the narrative that includes sorrow, hope, beauty, and dignity. This collection has a story of the Krakatoa volcano disaster. The designer aims to evince the character of a substantial part of Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Cahya means tranquility, traditions, and culture that derive indigenous Bantenese people from living a simple, meaningful, and pure life while preserving the environment and culture. As a brand, Cahya highlights the people of Baduy who live far from modern civilization, living amid nature in peace and solitude.

Kanagara Amerta and Cahya, along with another 23 designers from Indonesia and Singapore, will present at Paris Fashion Week on 5-6 March 2022.

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