About BINUS Northumbria School of Design

BINUS Northumbria School of Design (BNSD) is a concept result from intense collaborative efforts between BINUS UNIVERSITY and Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK. It aspires to become the best design school in the region. Indonesia and ASEAN are currently one of the fastest-growing regions globally; with that fast growth, we see a need for skilled professionals who can solve problems through design.

Our BINUS Northumbria School of Design programs are designed to prepare students for professional practice in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings. Supported by excellent well-maintained facilities and labs, our design students can develop their skills and competencies in a high-standard learning environment.

Additionally, our multiethnic campus and various multi-disciplinary subjects embedded in our curricula provide opportunities for our students to mingle and develop their cultural awareness and communication skills.

BNSD also provides opportunities for our students to participate in immersion trips within Indonesia and abroad that complement students’ research skills and their understanding of cultural aspects of art and design. Students may also choose to spend one year abroad at Northumbria University in Newcastle.

In helping to launch and expose our students’ innovative work to the world, BNSD also takes part and creates yearly events for students to showcase their masterpieces. Selected students’ works may be showcased during the yearly Jakarta Fashion Week or other design-focused events.

Fashion Program (Fashion Design and Fashion Management)

A wide range of career opportunities in the fashion industry is introduced in which students will be prepared throughout the four years of study. The integrated curriculum is designed and developed to support students in building on their technical and non-technical skills as well as engaging with industry.

The Fashion Program provides an internship program for each student where the student may conduct real projects as a practical study within industrial contexts. The program develops the student’s ability to be involved in professional practices, and ethical and organizational responsibilities.

Furthermore, the industrial internship program provides students with real experience in the workplace and teaches them to cope with the demands of the work environment. In addition, a series of study/field trips to visiting professionals and industries will be conducted to give good grounds for having a broad overview of the industry. These experiences support individual career aspirations and may provide social and professional networks.

Fashion Design

The Fashion Design program aims to challenge students to produce contemporary fashion through design research and critical thinking, with high craftsmanship that underpins garment making. It enables students to explore a range of materials, pattern cutting, aesthetics, printed fashion fabrics, woven fabrics, and knitwear. The program will help students to build a personal philosophy and improve comprehension skills through drawing and illustration, pattern cutting, fabric manipulation, and trend research with the support of contextual fashion studies in response to commercial feasibility. Aware of career diversity in fashion, the program encourages students to pursue their own path in the fashion industry.

Pic: BNSD’s Fashion Program at Jakarta Fashion Week 2020

The graduates of the Fashion Design program are expected to be ready as designers for medium to mass production and manufacture, in response to various market levels. The graduates are also prepared to work for design consultancies, fashion styling, media communication, textile design, and trend forecasting consultancies.

Fashion Management

The Fashion Management program embraces both management skills and creative skills to grasp the creative industry of fashion and equips graduates with creative expertise as well as business knowledge. Promotion, branding, visual communication skills, and product development are the main subjects to be developed in terms of preparing qualified and professional experts for the fashion industry. The Fashion Management stream enables students to have the ability to analyze market needs and forecast the trends in order to develop fashion products and services as well as to design a business strategy.

Pic: AKSU by Nadira Alisha Suarga and Arintha Vysistha (Fashion Management alumnae)

In the Fashion Management stream where students focus on the knowledge of fashion business strategy and promotion, the graduates will be able to develop both creative products and business management skills. They will also be prepared to work in the retail industry, fashion trend forecasting consultancies, trend research companies, and media, advertising, or public relations. BINUS Northumbria School of Design also provides career support for students by disseminating information on the latest job vacancies, internships, and workshops.


  • Sarjana Seni (S.Sn.) from BINUS UNIVERSITY
  • BA (Hons.) from Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Graphic Design and New Media Program (Graphic Design and Interactive Digital Media Design)

The Graphic Design and New Media Program offers a variety of opportunities in creative industry areas. It is for any student who wants to enhance their creativity and knowledge in the challenging competition of professional designers and the global creative industry. It is a four-year study program, during which the foundation courses in art and design are offered in the first-year program. In the following three years specific courses are provided to enhance students’ skills in creative product development. In this program, the students will learn how to integrate technical skills and theoretical knowledge in art and design to meet industry standards.

Graphic Design student’s work at Port o’ Folio 2020

This program also offers Interactive Digital Media Design streaming that integrates skills of visual design, experience design, and new media design. Interactive Digital Media is more focusing on producing meaningful experiences for people in new digital media such as web pages, smartphones, UI devices, and screen-based interface design. Within years our students will be having a lot of experience in learning and practicing to produce their own project that will be related to current Digital Design Industry development. Graphic Design and New Media offer two streams: Graphic Design and Interactive Digital Media.

Graphic Design (3+1 NU) & Interactive Digital Media (3+1 NU)

In cooperation with Northumbria University, this program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and practical skills to solve real-world problems using design techniques. The students have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and experience by studying abroad at Northumbria University in the UK in their last year of study. The students who take this program will receive both Sarjana and Bachelor of Arts degrees upon completing their studies. Both Graphic Design and Interactive Digital Media Stream will undertake a Graphic Design Major at Northumbria University.

Graphic Design (Dual Awards) & Interactive Digital Media (Dual Awards)

In cooperation with Northumbria University, this program provides students with the knowledge, practical and creative skills in graphic design and/or interactive media. Students who would like to pursue careers in the rapidly expanding design culture are ideal for this program.


  • Sarjana Seni (S.Sn.) from BINUS UNIVERSITY
  • BA (Hons.) from Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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